Pink Glaze features the most popular colors – almost every shade of pink, blue and purple can be seen. This design with the dark purple waistband narrows your waist and highlights your physique, while vivid colors undoubtedly will attract all attention to you.

The special cut and the black waistband makes the waist look slimmer, the side part highlights the sweep of your thighs and the hind part puts some more focus on your glutes.

The exclusive embroidered logo is decorated with Swarovski crystal, just like the pair of branded, engraved metal cover of the strings.

Wear the silk string with an elegant cross-tie, and let the lights play on the metal and crystals while posing.

Despite the special geometric pattern and the dominant pink color, the color does not visually separate the body – it is in perfect harmony with the tone of the tanned physique.

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