TOP 10

First name Last name Country Category Pts
1st Nikola Šalíková SVK Bikini Divas 155
2nd Silvia Řeháková SVK Bikini Divas 126
3rd Alex Lukáč SVK Bodybuilding 120
4th Veronika Rebryová SVK Bikini Divas 83
5th Zoé Várnay HUN Bikini Divas 63
6th Lívia Harasztia HUN Bikini Divas 60
7th Krisztián Jenei HUN Bodybuilding 55
8th Simon Molitor GER Bodybuilding 40
9th Bart Roelofse NED Men’s Physique 30
10th Balász Varga HUN Bodybuilding 30
* In case of same number of points, the placement at the World Championships is decisive. If still a tie judges’ scores from the World Championships (European if needed) are taken into account.