1. European Elite Tour is a competition program in Europe, in which can participate every athlete of our partnership organizations.

2. Competitions are organized by promoters of our partnership organizations.

3. European Elite Tour committee gives approbation /entrust the partnership organizations/ to promoters to organize a competition, which is part of Elite Tour.

4. Program of competitions is announced in advance for one season/year.

5. Competition, which is part of Elite Tour can be held in every country only once a year.

6. A part of Elite Tour can be only cup competitions, or national championships with international character.

7. If any competition is a part of Elite Tour, participate can also athletes who do not want to be part of the ranking.

8. World Championships and European Championships are automatically part of Elite Tour.

1. Athletes, who want to be a part of Elite Tour have to meet these following criteria:

– Athletes have to be members of partnership organization in their country. If that organization does not exist, athletes can represent their country as individual competitor of natural bodybuilding.

– Every athlete has to own valid European Elite Tour membership card. This card can be bought at European Championships and World Championships, or an athlete can order it at europeanelitetour@gmail.com and will be send by post.

2. Athletes do not have to participate at every competition, which is a part of Elite Tour.

3. After purchasing European Elite Tour membership card, athletes are included in ranking, in which they collect points based on their placement in competition.

4. Athlete is included in rankings in one category only. For example, athlete who competes in Sport Model and Fitness Bikini category has to choose at the beginning of the season which ranking she prefers.

5. Every athlete has the right to decline the prize.

6. Athlete will be registered in electronic system, which serves for processing the results and ranking of Elite Tour.

7. Athlete can become part of Elite Tour anytime during the season.

1. Person/group, who is interested in organizing, have to be approbate by partnership organization in given country and by leadership of European Elite Tour.

2. Promoter is obligated to use European Elite Tour logo in a poster.

3. Promoter cannot use logos of any competitive organizations.

4. Promoter can decline participation of athlete, however promoter can do so after approval by European Elite Tour committee.

5. Promoter organizes competition not only for members of Elite Tour, but also for athletes who are not interested in being included in Elite Tour ranking.

6. Promoter is obligated to provide European Elite Tour committee with the list of athletes who are part of Elite Tour.

7. Promoter is obligated to provide European Elite Tour committee with results list, which is needed for update of ranking.

1. There is a difference in scoring of cup competitions and World Championships and European Championships.

2. Scoring of cup competitions:
1. place u2013 25 points
2. place u2013 20 points
3. place u2013 15 points
4. place u2013 10 points
5. place u2013 8 points
6. place u2013 6 points
3. Scoring of European Championships and World Championships:
1. place u2013 35 points
2. place u2013 30 points
3. place u2013 25 points
4. place u2013 20 points
5. place u2013 18 points
6. place u2013 16 points

4. There are 4 rankings:

  1. Bodybuilding & Mr. Physique
  2. Sport Model & Fitness Bikini
  3. Fitness Figure & Ms Physique
  4. Juniors (Bikini Fitness, Bodybuidling & Mr Physique)

5. Rankings are published and updated on website www.naturalbodybuilding.eu. The update is made during the World Championships, which are the top of the Elite Tour.

1. Winners of Elite Tour ranking receive financial support, which will cover travel expenses to the prestigious competition Natural Olympia, which is annually held in Las Vegas, USA and is organized by INBA Global.

2. European Elite Tour committee will publish every year in January the number of competitors who can win this financial support.

3. European Elite Tour committee can raise the number of competitors, however it cannot be decreased.

4. Athletes can decline the prize and it is automatically presented to athletes who are next in the ranking.

5. Prizes are presented every year at the World Championships, which are the final competition of Elite Tour.