TOP 10

First name Last name Country Category Pts
1st Matthias Riegler AUT Men’s Physique 100
2nd Peter Winkler SVK Bodybuilding 95
3rd Jens Berthold GER Bodybuilding 95
4th Stefan Schön AUT Bodybuilding 85
5th Caspar Ham NED Men’s Physique 85
6th Nikolay Simeonov BUL Men’s Physique 81
7th Christian Schneider GER Bodybuilding 80
8th Filip Donée CZE Bodybuilding 75
9th Peter Klement GER Bodybuilding 70/td>
10th Radek Málek CZE Bodybuilding 70
* In case of same number of points, the placement at the World Championships is decisive. If still a tie judges’ scores from the World Championships (European if needed) are taken into account.