Athens, Greece


7-9 June, 2019




*Natural Olympia Qualifier*

07. June : 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM Registration of all athletes at the Casino Loutraki Hotel (Geranium venue)
08. June :Competition day 8:00 AM The beginning of the competition in the Casino Loutraki Venue
09 June Sunday at 13.00 AM GALA to Alexandros Gi restaurant during Nafplio tour for athletes(free) and their teams*
Venue:Casino Loutraki Venue 
Address: Poseidonos 48 Loutraki 20300
Organizer: Polivios Deligiannis INBA Greece-NGBA president, Takis Provatidis INBA GREECE-NGBA vice president
Contact 1:
Competent jury: 7 members
The host: Petr Juriga


INBA competition fee: 120€/ category
PNBA competition fee: PNBA categories will be part of the documentaryTV live show:’’Perfect Physique’ and will be further details about the categorie fee soon
Physically challenged and Kids Fitness competition fee: 30€
*INBA GLOBAL membership card: 50€
Trainer : 10€
Trainer : 30€ (with gala dinner)*
BASIC:10 euro
PREMIUM:20 euro
50 VIP (limited seats and reservation acquired)

***Make sure to register for your tanning,hair and makeup appointment**
Sugar spell spa will also provide hair and makeup services as well!!
Just follow the link:

Competition fee and INBA Global card to be payed at the registration desk in cash only.

*It is required for every athlete to own a valid *INBA GLOBAL membership card. Otherwise the athlete won’t be able to compete.
Physically Challenged athlete and Kids do NOT have to own a *Global membership card…/cestne-prehlasenie.php…

Application sent after the 1st of June will not be accepted.

Should you have any problems with completing the application, please contact NGBA (


• Access to the dressing and warm-up rooms will be open only to athletes and coaches. 
• Any valuables or money to be left with your friends or coaches.
• The organizer will make the maximum to prevent thefts but the attention is drawn to vigilance. The organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage of your property.
• It is kindly asked that all athletes and their coaches do not stain the walls, seats, interier and exterier with tanning paint and tanning dyes. In a case, someone stains exterier or interier, the person will be penalized with fine of 100€.
• Winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive medals, diplomas and prizes.
• It is only allowed to use the official tan provider Sugar Spell spa tanning.
Any contestants using a different tanning brand will be disqualified.
All contestants must and should have similar tanning color!
• By confirmation of the application, the competitor confirms that he or she is competing at his/hers own responsibility. We recommened to athletes to visit their doctor or sports doctor prior the competition.
• The competition follows the rules of INBA Global .

The doping control:

The organizer ensures the doping control in line with the anti-doping charter and guidelines. Agreeing with online affidavit of a competitor is for every athlete binding.


Registration will be held at the Casino Loutraki Hotel Friday 07. June from 14.00 to 20.00.

Please have your ID or passport ready along with your INBA Global card. If you haven’t purchased your card yet, you can do so at the registration desk. We accept cash only!

Time Schedule:

Friday – 07. June 2019
09:00 – 21:00 – Registration
18:00 – 19:00 – Leaders meeting
19:00 – 20:00–Judging meeting

Saturday – 08. June
8:00 – 15:00 – prejudging
15:00 – 22:00 – final

Sunday-09 June
13:00AM – galla lunch to Alexandros Gi restaurant Nafplio during special tour.


Please click on category and look up the judging criteria and competition format for every category.


The promoter reserves the right to merge or to cancel categories based on the number of athletes registered.

Male categories:
Juniors Bodybuilding*
Men up to 170cm*
Men up to 175cm*
Men up to 180cm*
Men over 180cm*
Masters 40 to 45 years*
Masters 45 to 50 years*
Masters 50 to 55 years*
Masters 55 to 60 years*
Masters 60+ years*
Mr Physique 
Physique Classic*
Physically challenged*
PNBA Bodybuilding*
PNBA Mr Physique

***NOVICE*** category: only „LIFETIME” natural bodybuilders who wasnt in NATURAL bodybuilding contest on the top three! Who started “others” bodybuilding contest, regardless of position, cannot start in the novice category !

For Physique Classic & Bodybuilding categories
Quarter turns + compulsory poses: 
Front Double Biceps· 
Front Lat Spread· 
Side Chest· 
Side Triceps· 
Rear Double Biceps + a calf muscle· 
Rear Lat Spread· 
Abdominals with one thigh·

Evaluated: Total size and shape of muscles, symmetry of the body and mutual harmony of individual muscle groups. Referees will prefer high muscle definition but not excessive. A good quality muscle definition is not equal with excessive dehydration. The overall effect must be enjoyable, radiating energy and strength. Judges will take into consideration treatment of the skin as well. 
Part II – INDIVIDUAL POSING ROUTINE (30% of points) 
The length of the individual posing routine can be 60 seconds at maximum. The clothing should be neutral in colour – bodybuilding posing swimwear (thongs are not allowed) and athletes must be barefoot.

Mr. Physique category
Front Double Biceps· 
Side Biceps· 
Left Side Triceps· 
Rear Double Biceps· 
Hands behind the head – Abdominals·

Positions Rear and Front Lat Spreads are not required and therefore are not judged. Furthermore, any poses showing muscularity are not required and will not be judged. Judges will be looking for athletic built physique and this should be priority for all competing athletes.

Part II – THE FINAL ROUND (30% of points) 
The evaluation of individual promenade and comparison of symmetry in quarter turns. Contestants will pose on the stage in one row according to the race numbers. This will be followed by T-walk to music. During the promenade, it is allowed and expected that athletes will use creativity and express their personal style. After this part, the Head Judge will give a command for contestants to start performing four quarter turns facing judge for the comparison. Judges compare the symmetry, proportionality and the figure.

Female categories:
Fitness Bikini Junior (up to 23 years old)
Fitness Bikini in 3-4 height categories
Bikini Mama’s
Sport Model in 2-3 height categories
Sport Model 35+
Ms Figure
Ms Figure 35+
Ms. Physique*
BB women
Fitness Classic*
PNBA Bikini Divas
PNBA Figure

In the final, there will be the top six competitor from each category. 
The name of the finalists will be printed out at the backstage after the semi-finals.

Fitness Bikini (Bikini Divas)
Part I: An evaluation of the figures in quarter turns –in two-piece swimsuit (70% of points) 
Part II: An individual promenade on the stage (30% of points)

Sport Model
Part I: Evaluation of the figures in quarter turns –in two-piece swimsuit (70% of points) 
Part II: An individual promenade on the stage in ladies shorts (30% of points)

Ms. Figure
Part I: An evaluation of the figures in quarter turns –in two-piece swimsuit (70% of points) 
Part II: An individual promenade on the stage (30% of points)

Ms. Physique
Quarter turns + compulsory poses: (70% of points)
Front Double Biceps·
Side Chest·
Side Triceps·
Rear Double Biceps + a calf muscle·
Abdominals with one thigh·

Part II – INDIVIDUAL POSING ROUTINE (30% of points) 
The length of the individual posing routine can be 60 seconds at maximum.


Kids Fitness*

Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (12-13 years), Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (14-15 years old), Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (16 + Ages), Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (6-7 years old) , Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (8-9 years old), Kids & Teen Fitness – Amateur (aged 10-11),

Kid’s Fitness category:
The length of the posing routine can be 90 seconds at maximum

*Athletes participating in categories marked by one star (*) are requiered to upload their 60 seconds music for their free routine along with their application to the electronical system.


Official hotel and venue:Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Leoforos Poseidonos 48 
20300 GR
Online reservations to the following link
There will be a 10% discount for all athletes 
All you need to do when booking is to input the special code :NGBA so that you can claim the discount


*Natural Olympia Qualifier*

Natural Olympia is the Pinnacle of Natural Sports. The Largest and most prestigious Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition in World.

Natural Olympia 2019
Las Vegas 2019