Lifestory of Berend Breitenstein

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The movie description is a follows:
“This movie shows the previous lifestory of Berend Breitenstein, his commitment to live his life as a Natural Bodybuilder and to popularize Natural Bodybuilding in Germany and other countries as well.
Berend began his training at the age of 13. Two years later he stood on stage at a Natural Bodybuilding Championships for the first time and competed at international Natural Bodybuilding Championships until the age of 50.
As an author he wrote 21 books about the topic of healthy and drug free Bodybuilding, numerous articles for Fitness Magazines and also was the editor in chief of the german edition of magazine „Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness“ for several years.
2003 he founded the GNBF – the German Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation where he acts as president until today.
Learn more about Berend Breitenstein, the pioneer of the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness movement in Germany”.