Ilaria Borzi - Elite Tour Winner 2023

”Since I was just a child, I have practiced sports. After having tried a lot of them, finally I have approached the fitness and bodybuilding, attracted by the transformation, both at physical and mental level, that can be achieved through hard training.

Bodybuilding for me is not only “a sport”, but is more a life style, based on rules, and of course, on discipline. I have learned the meaning of words as sacrifice, will, dedication, renunciation, but I knew as well that nothing is achieved without effort. I have always believed that to make a wish come true, you need to have a clear goal and an open and positive mindset.

The weight training has strengthened my body, my outside, but most of all it has reinforced me inside, making me a more confident person, with greater control and self-confidence.
Competitive bodybuilding is a constant challenge, every day all day long, from when you get up to when you go to bed. The day is marked down to the minute, training, diet, meal preparation, posing, without forgetting the private life. I am mother of 2 wonderful children who are my priority over everything, making even more complicated to organize myself and make everything fit. But I do what I have to do, like a good soldier, never complaining, thanking my strength and tenacity for getting where I am now.

I think I’m on the right track, I have the same passion as the first day, the same fire that burns in my chest and I would never, ever give up on all of this! It makes me feel alive and strong!
It is now time to go back to work for my next and most important goal, the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas next November, for which I thank once again the European Elite Tour that has supported and financed this new wonderful adventure and challenge, but above all for having believed in me”