Natalia Derada - Elite Tour Winner 2023

My name is Natalia Derada.
I am Italian.

I love sport in all its forms, I have been practicing any kind of it since I was a child.
I started with karate then artistic gymnastics; I have always practiced many sports eventually coming to the gym.

I am an entrepreneur in the world of flooring and design, but I give wide space in my life to the practice of natural bodybuilding.

I love it because you are constantly challenging yourself.
Every day you push yourself a little bit further to get better and better, benefiting both your body and spirit.

I adore travelling the world, dancing Kizomba and I am fond of arts.

In June 2023 in Manchester, I won the world title in the category Bikini over 50.

Now another very important challenge awaits me: the NATURAL OLMPIA in Las Vegas … my commitment is at its maximum to do well!

Thank you very much “Elite Tour” for the opportunity