Jose Garcia - Elite Tour Winner 2023

I have traveled a long path of competitions during year 2022/2023, managing to win the following national and international titles:
Champion of Spain, in the Master + 40 years category, in the ACFNE-INBA Spanish Championship held in Villamartin, Cádiz

World runner-up, in the Master Classic Physique +40 years category at the INBA World Championships held in Florence, Italy

Bronze medal in the European Championship representing the Catalan Bodybuilding Federation, in the Bodybuilding Master 50+ years, held in Budapest, Hungary

I also participated in the Natural Olympia and I was in great physical shape and totally focused on stepping on the floor of the Natural Olympia to be able to show my physique on stage.

On November 11, just one day before my 58th birthday, I won the Natural Olympia Gold in the Classic Physique Grand Masters +50 years category, establishing myself as the first Spaniard in history to achieve it for the first time and two consecutive years. I also won two more silver medals in the category bodybuilding Grand Master 50+ and Classic Physique Masters 40+.

I continue training and dedicating my life to the sport that I started when I was 16 – natural bodybuilding.

From my Natural Gym in Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia), I transmit and teach the philosophy of the sport that I am passionate about – natural bodybuilding, practiced in a healthy way, free of drugs and substances harmful to health.

I began competing in 1999, and in my sport career, over the last 23 years, I won world, European and national titles in the most prestigious organization on the world stage.

I won five world titles and was crowned NATURAL OLYMPIA champion two consecutive years.

My project as a bodybuilder will continue to be ADVANCE BY COMPETING until a very old age. “A handful of men on the planet will have to do it and demonstrate the wonderful experience of muscle worked and developed in a healthy and natural way……” And I will be one of them.