Personal Profile:

Name:u00a0Sandra van de Kamp

Place of living:u00a0Zeist, the Netherlands/Cannes, France

Organization:u00a0INBA Netherlands

Occupation:u00a0personal trainer/coach/nutritionist/entrepreneur


  • live life to the max,
  • enjoy the good things in life and keep the balance,
  • treat people the way you want to be treated yourself,
  • follow your dreams, the only reason not to make it, is when you decide to give it up,
  • keep working on your goals and be happy and thankful for what you already achieved untill now,
  • Count your blessings.

How did you get to bodybuilding?

In my work as a personal trainer and I saw a lot of clients who thought they needed pills and powders to get into shape. I wanted to show what you can reach just by food, training and rest when you are 100% consequent and stick to your program. So I decided to follow our evidence based method on training and nutrition myself and that was the start of a successful international natural bodybuilding career in bikini category.


Why did you choose natural bodybuilding?

I chose natural bodybuilding because I wanted to show my clients that we donu2019t need anything else but the right nutrition, well balanced efficient training, rest and discipline to build the most beautiful physic. So for me it was never a thought or a temptation to use some kind of doping.

What do you think of when somebody says u201cnatural bodybuildingu201d?

It makes me proud because itu2019s awesome how you can build your body all natural to the most beautiful proportions and symmetry. It means hard work, realistic expectations and patience. But I also think itu2019s kind of crazy that we still need to point it out that we are doing itu00a0naturalu00a0because bodybuilding with steroids unfortunately still is the standard in this sport and people hardly believe you can do it drugfree.

What do you consider to be your achievements in natural bodybuilding?

I started competing to show my clients what they could achieve with our natural method. Now, 6 years later, Iu2019ll bring the stage and the opportunities for natural bodybuilders to the Netherlands to offer them an honest competition. Thatu2019s far beyond what I expected to achieve when I started this bodybuilding adventure! If you told me 6 years ago I would be the Dutch president for natural bodybuilding, I would have never believed you!! So besides the international sports career I had, I consider this as the biggest achievement because for me it completes the circle.

Where would you like to see this sport in future?

I would like to see a strong line between natural and unnatural bodybuilding. I would love to see that natural bodybuilding is dominating unnatural bodybuilding in the future.u00a0 But Iu2019m also realistic. I donu2019tu00a0 think that unnatural bodybuilding will ever disappear. So many people just love those huge physics which you could never build without steroids. Donu2019t get me wrong, Iu2019m not against it, I donu2019t judge it. People should be well informed about the risks and then they can decide by themselves if they want to use or not. If they think it looks good and if they are willing to take the risks for their health, itu2019s their choice. But stay away from the clean stage then! There has to be different stages for both ways; natural and unnatural. In my opinion that starts by being honest about whether you use or not. And if you use, donu2019t even consider to step on stage with the naturals. How proud can you possibly be as you win? Luckily INBA is growing bigger and bigger and natural bodybuilding is getting more and more popular worldwide. We are on the right way! In the end maybe the naturals will not be the biggest, but hopefully they will be the most!

What advice would you give to people who would like to start with bodybuilding?

Work hard and be patient. Enjoy the road to it. Itu2019s about the journey, not only about the final result. Invest in a good coach and do a lot of posing practice also. You can have the most perfect physic but without the right performance on stage no judge can see your quality properly. That would be a shame of all the hard work. Make posing practice a part of your workout routine so you feel confident on stage.


Bodybuilderu00a0u2013u00a0Ukraine beauty Olga Kulinych (bikini/sportsmodel category)

Sportsmanu00a0u2013u00a0our Dutch pride; football legend Johan Cruijff

Sport besides bodybuildingu00a0u2013u00a0horse riding, not doing it anymore but the love for it will never disappear

Foodu00a0u2013u00a0Mexican food

Junk foodu00a0:)u00a0u2013u00a0again Mexican foodu00a0u2026and cheese platter with wine