Place of living:u00a0Hungary

Age (optional):u00a028 years

Occupation:u00a0personal trainer, model

Category you compete in:u00a0Bikini Fitness

Accomplishments:u00a0INBA European Champ.u00a0 2nd place, INBA World Champ. 5th place,u00a0 Elite Tour air ticket winner

Congratulations on your success with the Elite Tour. How was the year for you?u00a0

Iu2019ve attended 6 competitions this year. Most of the Elite Tour contests, and the Hungarian Championships. The season went well, but I didnu2019t think that I am going to win the Elite Tour air ticket for the Natural Olympia.

Which competition was the best for you? Why?

I really enjoyed the Slovakian Grand Prix, and I was really happy about winning it.

Are you going to compete anywhere before going to Natural Olympia?

Yes, I will. I am attending the Hungarian Grand Prix and the European Championships.

Why did you choose natural bodybuilding?

I compete in the bikini model category, and the natural bikini model physic is the one I like the most.

How many years have you been competing and what was your first show like?

Iu2019ve started 3 years ago. In the beginning I was really nervous, but now I am more nervous for the competitorsu00a0I help in the preparation.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in the sport and why?

Getting the 3rd place in the 2016-2017 Elite Tour rankings, and winning the special opportunity to represent my country in Las Vegas is my biggest achievement so far.

Is there anything you would like to achieve in the sport?

Right now, I am concentrating on Natural Olympia. I am going to bring my best form on the stage.


Sportsman:u00a0Janet Layug

Sport besides bodybuilding:u00a0Athletics


Junk food:u00a0seafood