Name:u00a0Veronika u0160loufovu00e1

Place of living:u00a0Trnava u2013 Czech republic


Occupation:u00a0Ladies Seamstress, stylist and photomodel

Category you compete in:u00a0Bikini fitness


European Champion INBA in the category bikini fitness over 167 cm and overall winner of European championships

Winner of the Grand Prix Slovakia in the category bikini fitness over 170 cm and overall winner of the Grand Prix Slovakia

Third place Prom-in & Fitness Institute of Natural Cup 2016 in the category bikini fitness over 165 cm

Motto:u00a0Always be positive!

Why did you choose natural bodybuilding?

I’m a woman and I want to preserve the femininity as well. Natural bodybuilding in the settings category bikini fitness is not too sharp, the emphasis put more on the symmetry of the figure and the overall impression than excessive musculature. I also like that natural bodybuilding completely rejects doping. Everyone must achieve perfect figure without chemicals and banned substances. In my opinion, they constantly push the boundaries of where women are in the category Bikini fitness, overly muscled. Natural bodybuilding still ,in the categories Bikini fitness, holds the softness and femininity of competitors.

How many years have you been competing and what was your first show like?

Autumn Competition season 2016 was my first. The first competition was held in Brno and Prom-in & Fitness Institute of Natural Cup 2016 hosted by my club racing. I have placed a beautiful third place in the category Bikini fitness over 165 cm.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in the sport and why?

My Biggest success is the title of European Champion in the category bikini fitness over 167 cm of INBA European Championship in 2016 in u0160amoru00edn. It’s my first season and I’m ,champion, still I do not believe it. In my life I have achieved a lot of success, but this is something I consider absolutely great. I’m excited and I hope that next time I will be able to answer this question deifferently – that is the biggest success is the title of world champion.

Is there anything you would like to achieve in the sport?

Yes, I would like to become a World champion and reached the Amateur Natural Olympia within the Elite Tour. Itu00b4s my dream and goal.

How many times a week do you work out and what is your favorite work-out?

I go to the gym five or six days a week. Three to four days a week doing extra cardio. It’s not just a hobby, but an addiction.I love all the workouts.J

What does your ordinary day look like?

My typical day is that every morning of the week I get up at 5.50. After breakfast I go to my favorite gym Octagon, on the hour workout. From 9:00 to 5:30 p.m. I’m at work. I work in a fashion boutique, where I do a fashion designer, stylist and also saleslady. After work I go home for dinner. In the evening I cook the food into boxes for the whole day. Around 21:00 hours’ll have 35-40 minutes of cardio and I’m so tired that I go to bed. And that’s my normal weekday.But you know what? I love it!J

Is there anything you would like to recommend to young girls who would like to start with lifting weights?

Believe in yourself and reach all! Each result requires some time and therefore the importance of patience and determination.



Sportsman:u00a0Olivia Pohankovu00e1

Sport besides bodybuilding:u00a0Volleyball

Food:u00a0Shrimp, salmon

Junk food:u00a0Pizza, lasagna, beef burger